Bigcommerce SEO Services

For companies who plan to achieve huge targets on e-commerce need BigCommerce SEO services to:

  • Facilitate searching of their products on the internet by people.
  • Push their ecommerce website ranking on search engine results to as high as possible

When people tap the internet to buy a product from an ecommerce store, they belong to any of the three modes mentioned below:-

  • Browsing – this is the preliminary stage where the potential buyer is not really sure of what information he is looking and searches the net with short and vague keywords. As a result there are tons of million search pages that show up against his search.
  • Researching – this happens when the potential buyer is sure about what he is looking for and has a specific requirement against which he searches for information. His search has now become more precise in nature.
  • Buying – this is where the potential buyer is now ready to be converted to a confirmed buyer. This is the mode that all ecommerce or the Bigcommerce platforms are vying for attention and wish to capitalize.

Targeting the man at the 'buying' mode cannot be achieved by just creating a BigCommerce store and leaving the rest to technology.

A lot of backend activities need to take place here so that the search engine and the prospective buyer, both are drawn to the BigCommerce site by a magnetic pull – a pull so strong and powerful that neither the search engine nor the man is able to resist the site without completing the full purchase circle.


As a committed BigCommerce SEO services provider, we work around the above reasoning and that is exactly the reason why our clients are associated with us for a longer duration of time. Our work revolves around the following:-

  • Using selected groups of long tail keywords in the page titles and product descriptions help make the client's product visible drawing more traffic to the site and the product page
  • Using qualifying keywords in a good mix with the long tail keywords help in getting close to the desired results
  • SEO is never a one-time operation because it keeps evolving with each passing day. There is no sure-shot prefixed strategy that will work for one company or the other. It is a process of trial and error which needs regular monitoring and tweaking from time to time to maximize the site's potential.