4 Must Have Google Ad Extensions for Your AdWords Campaign

Every online marketer appreciates the importance of a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.  This has become the ultimate marketing model for online businesses. There is no better technique to draw people to your website than through PPC and with more visibility, you enjoy better conversion and higher sales.  The goal of your PPC campaign is to draw more traffic to your site and at the same time let more people see you online. The fee is trivial because as most online marketers say, one visit to your website could be all they need to convert.


Truth be told, PPC campaigns are not easy to pull off and you need the expertise of an experienced SEO company.PPC Services India packages come in handy when planning your campaign as they have the experts and resources to help in keyword research, organizing groups and optimizing the landing pages. Luckily, you can now leverage Google Adword extensions to help you display more information and gain an edge over the competition.

Why PPC Marketing?

Ad extensions are now the holy grail in PPC marketing and it is important to know the best in the industry. They will allow you to display more information on your Ads and this pays a lot at the end of the day. Here are some advantages of using Ad extensions in your campaign:

  • More information translates to better click rates as users will learn more about you.
  • Outstanding ads which users will like to know more about due to the extra information and display.
  • Better user experience: The more users know about your website, the better as this assures them of the relevant services they are searching for.
  • Relevant information to the user if they need to know more about your business.

In essence, users will enjoy a better user experience just viewing your ads and this translates to higher conversion and increased sales. Here are some of the top AdWord extensions you must try for your PPC campaign:

1.Sitelink Extensions


This is one of the most popular tools in any PPC campaign as it allows you to add four site links in your ad to leverage more PPC real estate and create a unique ad. Users can find the page that is more relevant to them and with summaries provided, it makes things easier for searchers.

2.Location Extensions


Businesses with multiple locations always have trouble in PPC campaigns but location extensions will help solve this. When you add this extension, you will display the right location to the right user leading to higher conversion.

3.Call Extensions


This ad extension makes it possible to add more information to your Ad copy. You can add up to four more messages when you add this extension and it works magic when you have a large campaign. The more info you give the better the campaign.

4.Review Extensions


Get third parties to review you website in order to get feedback about your products and services directly on your Ad. These reviews serve as a catalyst in the user decision making and you will enjoy more traffic to your landing pages.

Other great extensions include offer, structures snippets but you don’t have to worry much about these strategies. Just go for a PPC Company India package and you will find a partner to help your campaign off the ground.

About Rahul Bhardwaj

Rahul Bhardwaj is a Project Manager with online marketing agency Trignosoft Solutions. He especially enjoys learning & sharing thoughts about search engine, social media, and website development. His job is to create value for clients in their particular niches that eventually bring them links and business through digital mediums.