6 Factors that Can Affect Your Organic Traffic

6 Factors that can Affect Your Organic Traffic

If you are an SEO consultant or a business owner, it is important to constantly review the flow of your organic traffic. Unlike paid traffic from techniques such as pay per click (PPC, monitoring and determining organic traffic can be quite a challenge. There are numerous tools out there to help you check the flow of this traffic and one major pitfall for online marketers is the failure to apply these analytical tools and predict what could be causing a drop.

There are myriad issues that could be responsible for a drop in your organic traffic. It is important to understand them in order to have a strategy in place to avoid their impact. Here are some of these problems:

1.Site Updates

It is expected that at one time or the other, you will update your site by removing content, overhauling the structure or other such changes. When this happens search engines will have to re-crawl and re-index your site. This will affect your ranking and in turn the organic traffic flow. A 301-redirect strategy comes in handy in preserving link equity and in turn avoids a slump in traffic.

2.Lack of Indexing

This is a common problem yet most site administrators overlook it. You might have the best page content but if it is not indexed by search engines it is as good as non-existent. A Google search for your site: yourwebsite.com will easily point out this problem. If some of your important pages are not ranking on (SERP) search engine result page, it is time to get to work and ensure no pages or directories are blocked.

3.Structured Data Mark-Up

One major pitfall for web masters is to assume Structured Data Mark-Up is a one-off project. You need to constantly monitor your rich snippets to ensure the right information is getting to the viewers. While publishing new content on your site, the markup might be altered. Your click-thru-rates can tank if a color variation is out-of-stock hence the need for constant monitoring.

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4.URL Confusion

If you are having problems with a slump in organic traffic, it is time to hire SEO Services Company India.  They will focus on your keywords to identify any confusion that might be leading to competition between your pages on SERPs. Keyword tracking tools come in handy to help remedy the confusion.


While your strategy might be achieving its traffic goals, it is important to appreciate the competitive nature of the online platform. Take for instance if you have a reseller or affiliate program. These will still compete for the branded keywords and while you sales will improve you will take a hit in terms of traffic as you will be outranked on SERPs.

6.Google Updates

As Google continues updating its algorithms and other aspects of search ranking, the effects are hitting websites hard. For instance, right hand rail ads are gradually being killed off and you will be competing hard with paid search ads. Your organic traffic will be impacted though it will be sometime before the full effect is known.

There are other factors why your organic traffic is tanking. For instance, declining brand interest, bolt filters among other issues could be the culprits. Whatever you do make sure you have a monitoring strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

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