5 Best CMS Every Modern Business Must Use


If you are about to launch your online business, this is the wisest decisions you could have ever made.  The potential online is phenomenal and it is no wonder the best performing brands on every niche are leveraging the internet platform. Well, there are some challenges too especially when it comes to managing your website in a highly competitive environment. The Content Management System (CMS) you choose largely determines how well your online business is going to perform.

There are myriad CMS options outside there for entrepreneurs and developers to use. It is important to evaluate what each brings to your website before finally picking one. Here are some of the best Content Management Systems that are fully optimized for the contemporary business landscape:

1. WordPress


This is a no-brainer for most web developers. WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS out there with over 60 million websites already hosted on the platform. The free PHP-based CMS has a huge developer community, which is especially helpful for technical support. The easy customization of WordPress makes it perfect for blogging and business websites. There are thousands of themes and plug-ins to choose from. It is user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding skills to manage. However, it requires additional security due to the standard installation.



Joomla is the second most popular CMS with over 30 million downloads so far. It is a free PHP based platform with over 900 free themes. Some of its users include MTV, Harvard University. It is suitable for back-end support, easy to customize and its active developer community comes in handy. Extending functionality on Joomla is easy with the thousands of plug-ins available. However, its back-end support is not perfect and its themes are not as beautiful as other CMSs.

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3. Drupal


If you have some programming skills, Drupal is the best CMS for your professional business website. It boasts over 15 million downloads, 1,800 thousand plus free themes, over 24,000 plug-ins among other features. Some of the top users include Linux, MIT, and Sony among others. Its community is very active with even face-to-face interactions. It is highly extensible but its themes system requires technical skills



Textpattern is a highly simplified Content Management System (CMS) that your CMS Website Development Service Noida India will most likely recommend for a business website. It is a free PHP based highly flexible CMS, which users will find easy to customize. It applies a tagging system to make it easy to retrieve content and it is perfectly suited for all sizes of sites. It comes with over 700 plug-ins and an extra 50 modules. However, it has a smaller community compared to WordPress and Joomla. The fewer plug-ins and templates are also a noticeable drawback.

5.Expression Engine


Expression Engine is a PHP based CMS priced between $99.95 and $299.95 depending on your license. There is commercial technical support and the CMS is highly rated for its security checks. There are no restrictions on the web design. Expression Engine is perfect for a serious business site though you will require some coding skills to use it.

Well, choosing one CMS is all dependent in your business requirements. There is no one-fits-all, but always look at the functionality, ease of customization, user-friendliness, technical support, scalability, themes and plug-ins when making a choice.

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