Common Logo Design Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Common Logo Design Mistakes

A visual image has an immense hold on the audience. Think of a brand like Google or YouTube; most likely their logos have instantly come to mind. This applies too for Nike, Coca Cola, Tata, IBM and Microsoft among other brands. You might not recall everything about these global brands, but when you see their logos it is very easy to identify the brand they represent.

The Logo as the Ultimate Barding Tool

If you are a startup, you might not appreciate the importance of logo branding yet this is what will help connect with your target audience. A custom small business logo design company helps you bring your brand to life using a creative logo design. This is what creates a first impression in a consumer’s mind. Your logo will help distinguish your company from a million others in your niche.

Logo design is difficult and it is no wonder most new brands are getting it wrong.  Here are some logo design mistakes you must avoid:

1.Using an Amateur

It is true your friend is good in graphics but how well do they know your business? Do they have any idea about web design and importance of branding?  When coming up with your corporate logo, let an expert do the design. You should work closely with a professional logo designer to bring your company’s vision and heritage to life. Always remember that your logo reflects your brand and when it is poorly done the consequences might be irreversible.

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2.Too Much Emotional Attachment

If your company is rebranding, the first thing that has to change is of course the logo.  Well, most entrepreneurs will come with all excuses to avoid such change as they are already familiar with the design. This is a terrible mistake in branding because your target audience expects you to keep up with the times. If your business is going green how are they supposed to know? Your new colored logo will help them understand this shift.

3.Not Trusting / Over trusting Your Designer

If you have done your homework when choosing the logo designer, then let them get the work done. These are professionals with the expertise, experience and resources to design you the best logo. On the other hand you should understand this is a collaborative effort between your company and the designer. Avoid giving them leeway because after all you know your company better than anyone else.

4.Jam-Packing Everything on a Logo

It is true your logo represents your brand, but then not everything can be incorporated in the image. Avoid trying to fit every aspect of your company on the logo as it will become incomprehensible.

5.Overcomplicating the Design

While you want an impressive logo to astound your target audience, don’t overdo it with colors, graphics and color gradients. A logo can still use one color theme and work great; think CNN and Coca-Cola.

There are many other pitfalls to avoid but luckily your custom small business logo design company will be at hand to ensure you get it right.  Le these professionals work on your logo and watch your brand grow.

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