Most Controversial Updates On Google Algorithm Finally Revealed For 2018

It’s a track record witnessed every year where, Google constantly changes its search algorithm around 500—600 times to make its search results better for their users. During it’s up gradation to the next level, every SEO professional heart starts beating in thinking what happens next, is it going to be a little harsh or change the entire aspect of search engine functionality? While Google generally, introduced minor changes and occasionally rolls out for ‘major’ one when feeling the need for it like Google Panda and Google Penguin that majorly affects search results in significant ways. But you can’t take the minute changes in a casual way. After all, its Google, king of all search engine and the dominant player also.

Thus, for every digital marketing professional, it becomes obligatory to grasp the depth of the recent updates introduced by Google itself, in order to make it efficient to drive organic traffic. Back in March of this year 2018, Google again confirmed that they had officially, “released a broad core algorithm update” with many new concepts that can transform the user’s search result. Let’s dive into deep, what more Google has changed in its algorithm & how it will work. This will aware you of the most important algorithm changes and penalties.

Google Algorithm

2018 Updates

The year seems to be huge for SEO space, as many Google updates already board to rock the whole year. We’re going to take a look at some of the major recent Google algorithm updates for 2018 that are on the horizon.

No Such Quality Issue With Sites That Are Not Able To Gain Quality Ranking?

In Google recent update, underprivileged website (suffering from poor SERPs) also finds its importance in its eyes and advent solution to again get back in the ranking race. Google remark that the there’s no ‘quick-fix’ for the pages that lost its quality ranking, but definitely can do something to bring it back. And that something is none other than building ‘rich, informative and user-friendly content’.

Solution: Content possessed great power and strong meaning in its every word that can even compel the most minded person to think for it. So, yes if you truly want to do something ‘better’ for your incompetent web pages try to concentrate on giving creative content to your customers that, in return, give you some potential business value that can again put your business on cloud 9.

Shift Focus From Mobile-Friendly To Mobile-First Index Compatibility

The popularity of the Smartphone in the 21st century is not hidden from anyone of us. We also know the majority of business searches around 67% come from mobile-user. That’s the ultimate point you need to focus. Why get limited to pitch only desktop user, when the majority of your potential customer is striving on their mobile. Let them also know about your business presence.

Solution: Rather than making the website mobile-friendly what’s so wrong in mobile-first index compatibility. This, in turn, kills two birds from one stone, one your website is effectively visible on small screen (mobile phones) and the other is, you can retain the attention of mobile users, all at once.

Pay More Attention To Featured Snippets

As per the Google recent amendment in its algorithm, it clearly suggests to rank first for featured snippet which featured above SERPs (as position #0), that’s the highlight of SERPs. If you can potentially rank for it then there’s no obstacle that you can’t overcome in order to make the website Google-friendly in every term. This, in turn, renders a huge boost to your site click-through rate as well as raising the amount of quality traffic.

Solution: To make featured snippets work in your website favor, get relevant to structured data which automatically compliment click-rates for websites.


Google is the giant player that can change the entire ranking game. Thus, it is essential that digital professional should know and also well-versed with the logic regarding the Google updates. In short, Google will frequently refine its algorithms, all you need to stay advanced with its every minor to major updation, this will help you a lot to increase your working efforts visibility on every SERPs. Henceforth, your initiative to keep a detailed eye on Google recent commotion enables you to get always protected from its harsh penalties and cherish worldwide recognition.

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