Facebook Watch- The Latest Entry into the Field of Video Streaming


Recently, video streaming game has found a new entrant after YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix- Facebook. Facebook Watch is expected to bring a revolution in the field of episodic streaming video. Currently available only to a selected few, this technology can be used on a variety of devices like desktop, mobile, and TV Apps. People can watch anything from live sporting events to short documentaries. Soon it is going to be available for a larger user base.

How is Facebook Watch expected to be different?

Ad-breaks are going to be used to monetize Facebook Watch. While Facebook share stands at 45 percent, the share of producing partners is going to be the remaining 55 percent of the revenue generated through ad-breaks.

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Features of Facebook Watch

Although, many have are already found a stronghold in the field of online video streaming like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, Facebook is going to stand apart from them in quality and in terms of many features. The three features that make Facebook Watch different from others are-

  1. Using the latest tab namely “Watch,” original video content can be watched. This tab is seen only in Facebook Watch.

  2. It is free to watch videos using this platform as ad breaks are used to monetize Facebook Watch. The user’s just need to login to their Facebook account.

  3. Hyper-personalized Facebook Watch is another feature that makes it unique and distinct from others.

New Element Added to the social viewing trend

The personalization of Facebook Watch is expected to make this platform more popular. It is not only social but personal too. After using this platform once, its word of mouth publicity is going to make it viral. Soon it is going to be recommended to friends.

Some Major features

  1. Personalized recommendations provided by Facebook Watch through its Discover Tab with categories like “What’s making people laugh,” “Most Talked About,” “Shows Your Friends are Watching” and more allow a person to recommend a video as per his or her liking.

  2. Pusing the show-linked groups, whenever a show is subscribed, it instantly connects Facebook Users

  3. The Facebook users can also access a live comment section during a show where one can communicate with friends and other viewers in real-time.

These interesting features make social viewing all the more exciting and enjoyable.

How can marketers make the most of Facebook Watch?

The number of Facebook users who check in on this platform is approximately 1.32 billion. This means that this is a very suitable platform for the marketers to reach out to a wider target audience base and showcase their products and services. Advertisers can market their products more effectively by relying on ad-break ads. The social creators and influencers get a new channel with Facebook Watch. These features make this platform quite popular among marketers.

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