Google Fred Update -All You Want to Know

Google-fred update

There’s buzz all over the internet these days that Google has introduced a latest algorithm update called ‘Fred which has sent shockwaves across the world of SEO- innumerable web users and especially website owners. Though Google has neither claimed nor dismissed the rumor to be true or otherwise, there’s enough evidence in the form of shocked and affected website owners that something has changed drastically for them.

Before you start fretting over how this update is going to impact you, let’s give you an insight into what it is all about.

What’s Google Fred Update

The Fred update by Google is believed to be a new algorithm update that is affecting the way websites and their keyword-laden links exist or show up on the web. Though Google says that there is a new algorithm update by them almost every day, this one certainly looks and feels a lot different.

What’s observed as worrisome about this update is the fact that many websites or their links have either vanished from the face of internet or are facing an all-time-low ranking as a result of this change.

A numbers of websites have witnessed their rankings plummeting like never before. Since websites thrive or die down on the strength of their rankings, this news definitely matters to them all.

How YOU may be hit

If your website has various back links that aren’t strong enough or have spammy traits, you are likely to see your keyword ranking sink, which simply means that your business is going to fall prey to this new update.

While Google hasn’t issued any official word on this, nor is there any guideline on how to duck or deal with this potentially problematic update, there might be some ways to escape the trap.

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Way for an ‘Escape’

If you own a website, you probably know the significance of strong links already. It’s not the number/ quantity that matters but the quality of your back links that holds value for you. If you are looking for an escape from the probable, adverse effects of this update, you need to find some reliable SEO experts that can assure you of strong and relevant links for your site.

Also, if your back links have significant relevance to the context given, you can breathe easy.

Most importantly, now is the time to refrain from having links created by bots or some automated tools, such links are sure to be spotted and eliminated by the Fred update.

Moreover, it would benefit you greatly to have your links highlight your brand name or keywords directly connected with your business.

While these tips aren’t any official guidance from Google, they might just save you from the trap.

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