Adapting To Latest SEO Technical Trends And Changes

Adapting To Latest SEO Technical Trends And Changes

As far as the value technical SEO rumors go, the controversy that stormed the social media platform was divided into many views. While some proclaimed that it was yet another made up viral topic others insisted on complete demolition. However, as luck would have it both SEO method and SEO agencies in India are still up and running, continuing its contribution to the popular traffic boosting strategies.

So, basically, the technical term for SEO is the practicing of technical methods on websites and server to create and extensive site usage, leads in the search engines and index. In this blog post, we shall try to understand some of the very crucial steps for technical SEO success, while some of the steps may be well known; there are some strategies which are quite new and in accordance with the latest changes in search engine optimizations.

Have a Mobile Version of Your Website.

Now that Google has started mobile page indexing, having your website in mobile version is important. In case you don’t have one, now is the time to optimize a mobile friendly page. Some tips are-

  • Test your mobile-version websites with mobile friendly tools.
  • Audit your mobile sites.
  • Keep a track on the mobile ranking to make sure you’re not falling behind.

Boost Your Website and Page Speed

Page speed should be considered as priorities since it will also be the website’s ranking signal. The slower the speed the lesser chance of gaining crawls.

Index the Pages

The indexed pages in the search engines can usually be checked by entering the site domain name in the search engine or through SEO search websites. Sometimes in the searched result if there are more gaps than your expectation, you may have to revisit the pages you have disallowed and make sure your important resources can be crawled.

Keep Your Pages Crawl-Able and also Keep a Tap on the Crawl Budgets

Speaking of crawling, the old way keeping a check on the crawl-ability of the website was done by going through the robots.txt but since then and now, Google has now open to rendering pages like any other modern digital browser and hence, it is important to that your website is crawlable. While on the topic of crawling, optimizing your crawl budget is also important to keep in mind. Once you get an estimate of the budget you can proceed in ways to increase it through more interlinks and back-links. Some smart ways of increasing the budget is by-

  • Fix the websites containing broken links
  • Getting rid of any and every duplicate pages that may exist.
  • The pages with no SEO value should be prevented from indexation.
  • Site maps should be kept up to date as much as possible.

Ensure the Auditing of Interlinks

Auditing of internal links can be done to help spread your ranking place in the search engines. The important points you must remember while auditing them are-
Try to keep the site pages shallow and important pages should be maximum 3 clicks away.
The links in your website should have redirect links of not more than five to avoid negative crawl budget.

Sitemaps Should be Kept Fresh and Updated

Sitemaps should never be ignored. This is the website significance in the search engines and helps in a faster content search. You should-

  • Keep the XML sitemap updated each time a new content is added.
  • Rid your website of any unnecessary links and blockages
  • Try to keep the URLs size lower than the Google limit for more effective crawls.

So those were some of the SEO strategies for the year 2017 to help you achieve the maximum and for some people, it may not be very easy to execute all the important steps and hence can seek the help of the experts. To find one, just search SEO India or Affordable SEO Packages to give a kick start to your website with latest SEO trends.

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