Local SEO Ranking Factors 2016- You Must Know

The main reason you set up your business is to meet a need in a particular locality. This means that your online presence must be felt and easily seen by the people around that place. There is no need to have a website that won’t be seen by persons around your locality when they search for products or services. Not having your web page customized to a locality will put you out of business fast. Even when setting up your website on WordPress, there are local SEO factors that you must consider. They include:

  1. Correct NAP

Your business’ name, address and phone, (NAP) will help in building highly recognized Domain Authority and a high quality local citation.

  1. Accuracy of citations

To rank highly in your local web searches, your Local SEO must be very accurate. The precision of the location will determine if you appear in the searches or not.

  1. Relevance of your listing

Google and other search engines will evaluate the relevance of your website and if it matches local listings. Therefore, you should avoid fluff by adding definite information that is necessary for ranking.

  1. Keywords

The presence of keywords is emphasized by all companies offering SEO services. Trignosoft Solutions, a SEO services company India understands that your business will only appear on searches if there are keywords in the title, as well as a few times in the content. The presence of the keywords in the domain will also increase your ranking and visibility.

  1. Rich Citations

Adding extra details about the business will increase the chances of your business appearing on top of a search list. Citations with photos, descriptions, payment details, or operating hours will get higher ranking.

  1. Social Activity

Signals from your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus comments and posts will increase your ranking. There should be a real social interaction and not use of bots. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of tweets, likes and replies to comments.

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  1. Behavioural factors

Your website’s ranking is also determined by factors like check-ins, CTR or mobile clicks to calls made. These are essential in putting your page on top of the search list.

  1. Avoid Duplication

Duplicate citations are disliked by search engines. The result is harm to your business. your intent could be to increase your ranking but just delete your duplicate citations.

  1. Links to your website

This is a factor that influences your ranking on search engines. Linking domain authority, linking age authority, inbound anchor texts and the quantity of linking domains also determine your local SEO ranking. Genuine links should be used. Spammy links will lower your ranking.

  1. Mobile responsiveness

People hate a webpage that looks like a desktop on their screen. It is inconveniencing and your clients will shun your page too fast. Have a mobile responsive and fast website.

  1. HTML matching

Your HTML name, address and phone number (NAP) details must match your GMP location NAP details. This consistency in details helps the search engine in filtering and ranking your page highly. There should also be proximity of the city of search to the physical address in the NAP details.

  1. Prominence

This is how well a business name or brand is known. Google reviews will be used in determining how the page ranks. Therefore, articles, links and directories of a business are essential.

In conclusion, you can have your business rank highly on search engines by having it well optimized with the right citations and consistent, non-duplicated data. This way, you will bag many buyers from your locality or others in need of a product from your location. Learn and optimize all these details.