Why Product Bundling is the Future of Marketing


The internet has revolutionized modern business with more than 70% of shoppers saying they search products on the internet before shopping. With over 3.2 billion internet users according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), ecommerce is the way to go for any modern business. However, competition is stiff and most websites are finding it harder to stay visible. One way to stay ahead of the pack is through product bundling, which Amazon and Alibaba have perfected with amazing results.

How Product Bundling Works

The idea is for an online store to offer related products in a package to encourage more sales. Product bundling is the latest trend on major online platforms and even big brands such as Apple are using it to drive sales. A Forrester Research Study shows that products recommendations account for about 30% of online sales and most of these recommendations come from the online stores.

Take, for instance, you are selling car wax products on your online auto store. Such a product would also go well with car cleaning detergents, car fresheners, floor mats and other such products. This can be bundled into one package and you will find more car buyers willing to buy the entire package.

If you are angling to make more sales on your website, it is time to talk to an e-commerce development services India to get a solid idea on how to design your package. With the right combination, you are guaranteed higher sales.

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Creating a Product Bundle

While the idea works very well on Amazon and other bigger brands, you have to be creative in order to pull a product bundling campaign.  Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Build a sensible deal: The package you build must make sense for users to buy. You need to package products that are relevant to each other and which complement each other. The idea is to provide the customer with a package that is better than buying a single product.

  • Give value: Never underestimate the awareness of the modern shopper. Consumers today enjoy more access to information and they can easily tell when they are being ripped off. While bundling, make sure you give value to your customers to guarantee more referrals and return business.

  • Get creative: Shoppers are always looking for new ideas. If you own a fast food joint in your town, a happy hour deal will work perfectly and diners can enjoy meals, drinks, and free internet as a package. The more creative you are, the better your bundle and the higher the conversion rate.

  • Call out the savings: You must scream from the rooftop when it comes to discounts. Shoppers must understand what they are getting from the deal and you need to highlight the value of the deal. You should also build promotions from the bundle by encouraging shoppers to buy the bundle and save using prompts.

  • Create a bundle page: Your e-commerce development services India expert should design a page dedicated to bundles to allow more visibility and easier marketing.

From Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon to Magento, all these big brands are leveraging the power of product bundling. Go ahead and join the bandwagon.

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