Top SEO Mistakes that Hurt Your Website Search Engine Ranking

Top SEO Mistakes that Hurt Your Website Search Engine Ranking

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking, nothing seems to be clear. There are so many gray areas and each search engine seems to have its own range of ranking factors in its algorithm. Google is the main search engine with a market share of 64% according to comscore .It is important to understand its ranking factors and mistakes to avoid in Google SEO marketing.

There are over 200 ranking factors that some developed by SEO gurus while others have been created by analyzing comments from current and past Google employees. While some maybe controversial and others are abstract there is an agreement when it comes to what can hurt your website search engine result page (SERP) ranking.

Here are some of these SEO mistakes:

1.Irrelevant/ Outdated Content

Everyone talks about the importance of content, but you will be surprised that not many website owners do anything about it. When you have fresh content on your website, then you will start noticing more traffic and eventually the conversion rate will pick up. However, if you never update this content or you are buying spun articles get ready to experience the wrath of Google’s latest Panda algorithm update.

2.Buying Links

A few years back all you needed to get your website to the top of SERP ranking for your target keyword was multiple links. Google was not penalizing people for buying links and this encouraged web masters to get lazy. All you had to do was buy links to inferior link directories and viola! Your website would be at the top and the numbers would make you king. Well, that was then and today you will not only be penalized by a downgrade in SERP ranking, but also your website might be suspended.

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3.Wrong Keywords and Stuffing

Keyword plays a role in Google SERP ranking. It is no wonder everyone is going for high search volume keywords but is your new website ready to compete for these keywords? Generic keywords will never lead to conversion and it is time to change your strategy by targeting specific keywords, use location targeting, phrases and questions. As a rule of thumb don’t stuff keywords in your content; it irritates readers and search crawlers as well.

4.Broken Links

As you continue accumulating links it is easy to forget all about the older and obsolete ones that might no longer be in use. Broken links hamper a good user experience and you risk search engine penalties. SEO Services Company India packages include repair of such errors during site maintenance.

There are many other mistakes including failure to optimize your content management system (CMS), poor on-page optimization, lack of internal linking and ignoring titles and Meta descriptions. If you are still struggling with search engine optimization call in the big guns and capitalize on their expertise and experience to improve your search engine ranking.

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