5 Major Social Media Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Social media is now an integral part of business marketing. If your business has not adopted social media marketing, then you are losing out on an extensive customer base. Facebook for instance boasts over 1.71 monthly active users (MAUs). Twitter on the other hand records 100 million users logging in daily. The numbers are equally impressive for WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media networks.

Like most other business entrepreneurs, you are self-taught when it comes to use of these platforms for marketing. This could be a recipe for major blunders. In fact, even major brands have found themselves receiving flak due to social media marketing mistakes. So, which are these blunders you need to avoid? Here are a few ideas:

1.Having no Social Media Plan

Many businesses fall into this pitfall because social media platforms were not initially meant for corporate use. It is important to set out the goals you seek to achieve; are you after visibility, improved conversion, branding or traffic? Your goals must be measurable and your social media outlook must be consistent. The strategy must also involve time management, appointment of a social media team and setting evaluation strategies.

2.Too Much/ Too Little Presence

While there are no set appropriate levels of social media presence, it is important to appreciate the need to balance your content. If you are over posting, your audience will not have time to digest your information or even follow up on your call to action (CTA). On the other hand, you must be on the lookout for trends and make sure your campaign adopts them for increased visibility. A Social Media Marketing Services India will help you manage your presence based on your goals.

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3.Copy Pasting Same Content on All Networks

This is a major mistake that even big brands make. If you have a social media management team, make sure the content created is unique and compatible with the social media network. For instance, Facebook is about sharing moments while on LinkedIn, you should post more professional content such as conference and corporate events. Every platform is unique and it is important to post content that suits the type of audience expected there.

4.Poor Feedback

It is called social media for a reason; because it involves communication with your followers. If you ignore your target audience, then your social media marketing campaign is doomed from the start. There is no log in posting content only to ignore responses as this will not only turn off readers and viewers but it also raises questions on your credibility. Service providers especially in the transport industry and telecommunications have found out the hard way about the importance of instant feedback on social media to promote their brands.

5.Too Much Advertising

Media is awash with promotional content and consumers actually go to social media for fun and real interaction with brands. While your goal is to promote the brand, make sure this is done suavely. 80% of your content should add value to the customer’s experience while the other 20% can be promotional.

Of course there are other blunders to avoid including automated postings, spamming, lack of CTAs, and lack of real followers among others. Whatever you do, make sure you start social media marketing with a plan in place.

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