Top 5 Social Media Tools You Should Use in 2016

Marketing through social media is essential for all businesses. Having a social media platform for marketing proves important in business only if the platforms are monitored closely.  Your content on social media should also be streamlined for easy scheduling, management and creation of new or better content load. Some of these tools important in social media marketing and communication include:



As a curation tool for digital content, Crate gives you the chance to streamline marketing by facilitating buildup of keywords, domains, influencers, blogs, and/or marketing topics. From your listed sources and acceptable topics, Crate will involve your data from social media analytics to evaluate the best-performing platform and content.



Buffer makes sharing of social content easy to any reader in all your social media accounts. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ details and content can all be easily managed on Buffer.

Buffer has also facilitated streamlining of information into one dashboard.  The following three tools work with Buffer:



Pablo 2.0 makes it easier for you to create high-quality graphics for your marketing through social media. It is less fussy compared to Photoshop and makes paring processes simple.  Sharing and scheduling is simplified by Pablo.



This is the best asset needed for you to connect with your business influencers, partners and customers. They will be made aware of any mentions by Notifier. It therefore makes it easy to track people or brands in blog posts. All social media marketing services India incorporate this tool for better social media management and engagement.

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This tool is a content finder. With a target audience and matching content, Quuu will identify the expected content and send it right into your buffer account.



Closely associated with Twitter, this tool creates an incredible means of video formatting that enhances interaction with target audiences.  Interviews, discussions, teaching, connecting and building are done on Blab with only a Camera.


This is a great online, social and link management platform. With the links, you can connect your marketing efforts with customers and where they interact with your brand. Shortened links are easy to share and track through the internet; therefore, gathering intelligence on the audience and measuring the performance of your campaign is simplified.

8.Google Analytics

google analytics

Online and offline performance of your performance on social media channels is better tracked with this tool. The right actions will be taken by the marketing team once the insights from Google Analytics are evaluated. The customer insights from the social media sights will be evaluated and used to increase business gains.

Click-through rates and customer engagements have been shown to rise after incorporation of Google Analytics as a social marketing tool in most companies. It measures both app and web performance and therefore gives clearer insights that make businesses make the right decisions.

In conclusion, your marketing content for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn can be easily streamlined and managed with the help of these tools.  Capitalize on the most productive platforms and let your brand grow.

About Rahul Bhardwaj

Rahul Bhardwaj is a Project Manager with online marketing agency Trignosoft Solutions. He especially enjoys learning & sharing thoughts about search engine, social media, and website development. His job is to create value for clients in their particular niches that eventually bring them links and business through digital mediums.