Top 5 Platforms for Ecommerce Websites In 2016

As the curtain closes down on 2015, the world is expectant. People are expecting more advanced technology in 2016. They are expecting easier business practice and so much more. Time brings improvements always. So, you can expect to see bigger and better things coming up. Old things are also going to see some serious advancement such as the ecommerce platforms. There are some that have been in existence for a really long time. This is mainly because of the excellence of service that they have to offer.

Creating an ecommerce website

Now this is a challenge that can cause you sleepless nights. Ecommerce website development is not exactly the easiest of activities and particularly so if you do not have a team of experts to help you. For starters you have to select a platform for your website. There are several of them available including the famous Magento. People have been talking of this platform since God knows when. It is one extremely powerful platform that will make your ecommerce website a success.

To get your ecommerce site up and running within the shortest time possible, you should seek out the services of experts like those at Trignosoft Solutions. This company has been providing premium quality services to its clients for a really long time now. When it comes to website development, there is no one who does it better than Trignosoft. This is the biggest and most popular website and mobile app development service provider in India.

Best ecommerce platforms

The first one has been mentioned- Magento. It is only second to the likes of Pretashop. Now one thing that that you love about this one is that you get more than 310 features and more than 2000 modules as well as templates integrated. Cross-selling of products is possible and even one-page checkout. It is available in 65 languages. For a one-stop shop it is the best of them all.

There is also Opencart. This one is very similar to Pretashop in just about everything. It is the ideal platform when you are looking for a community that is very helpful and loyal. Opencart offers more than 20 payment options and well above 8 shipping methods for their standard products. This is enough to sell it, no need to go into the finer details.

Shopify and Woo Commerce also rank highly among the best ecommerce platforms available currently. They are relatively similar to each other but they provide superior quality services at all times. One thing that you might have a problem with is selecting the platform for your e-commerce website. This is why companies like Trignosoft Solutions are in place.

This company will not only help you to get your website created but also make sure you have an easy time with the said work. They will help you by selecting the best platform for your website’s needs. Once the platform has been selected they will proceed to create the site. Things cannot be simpler! This is why Trignosoft Solutions is the best in India currently.