Joomla SEO Services

Joomla is a customer management online system that is free to use and open sourced. It helps build mobile and user friendly web contents and websites. Equipped with thousands of features, creating a website is no more a hardcore technical person's work. The company has an online tutorial too that helps new and non-technical persons to easily pickup the secrets of the trade.

Well the website is up and running. But there are hardly any views! This is where you need the services of experienced technical team that will breathe life into the static website and create magic. TRIGONOSOFT has been doing just the same for the last decade or so and has successfully established itself as the best Joomla SEO Company in the country today.

We proudly claim to be the best because our well-planned strategized Joomla SEO services have helped our clients achieve their targets in the shortest possible time span. When you create a website or an e-store the objective is to get organic traffic towards it and get meaningful conversions and sales. Simply put online medium is used by businesses to push their sales figures and achieve higher revenues.

What we do is combine Joomla's strengths like unlimited design options, multi language feature, mobile friendly, search engine friendly and flexibility with our strong onsite and offsite search engine optimization techniques to elevate your site to a level that no search engine can ignore its magnetic pull. For any search with keywords that match or closely match with your content, brand description or product description will have your website rank the highest on the search result page. It sounds simple but there is lot of technicalities and brainstorming that happens at the backend to deliver such results.

We use the following plug-in features of Joomla as part of our Joomla SEO services:

  • Joomla SEO – this is the basic plug-in that helps remove bad keywords with auto placement of the keywords properly to get the best SEO.
  • SEO Simple – this plugin is capable of automated metadata generation and description thereby saving time
  • RS SEO – this feature helps grade each page of the website and helps by proper placement of important keywords.
  • iJoomla SEO – it permits header tags to be added.
  • Then there is the services map 2 extension and Joomap that helps user to create site map.