Magento SEO Services

Our Magento SEO service is unrivaled in the entire SEO industry as we achieve accurate and real-time results with this form of search optimization techniques. Own an e-store and e-commerce business and want Google and other search engines to drive organic and bona fide traffic to your store? You need to appoint us as your Magento SEO Service Company for achieving these desired results and be a top performer in your industry.

How do we help our clients?

  • Magento extensions help multiply site traffic and visibility
  • We help our clients decide the Magento modules based on their business type. For the small and medium industries and business house we suggest the Magento Suite Pro module and for the bigger enterprise it is the Magento SEO Suite Ultimate.
  • Magento extensions help make high quality html and xml sitemaps that enable search engine spiders to get an overview of all site pages conveniently and at faster pace.

The Magento SEO Suite Ultimate is characterized by:

  • Create sophisticated SEO templates pertaining to product and category pages
  • Generate HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Implement hreflang tags

The Magento SEO Suite Pro is featured by:

  • Effective onsite optimization features
  • Help eliminate duplicate content
  • Set up Magento robots.txt files
  • Manage hreflang and canonical tags

Characteristics of TRIGONOSOFT's Magento SEO services

  • An e-commerce site will rise or flop depending on product descriptions or on-site blogs. Our content writing team has years of experience and the requisite knowledge to weave the right words to create impactful content for our clients
  • We use the Magento templates in optimal manner to create an e-store that will successfully exert attractive pull on search engines and clients for all relevant keyword searches
  • We sit with our clients to draw up the best Magento SEO plan basis their requirements.
  • We help build qualitative back links and earn back links from reputable websites
  • We help our clients understand and interpret the Analytics and reports generated from this Magento enabled e-commerce site
  • We keep sending regular reports to our clients to review the performance of our Magento SEO services and the campaigns. Analyzing and evaluating the reports is very important.

for our clients to conclude whether the Magento SEO campaign is proceeding in the right direction or not. If required modifications are planned and implemented.