Mobile SEO Company

One of the revolutionary inventions of the last decade has been the availability of internet on our hand phones or the smart phones. We can now not only access websites from our mobile phones, we can check emails, make purchases, book tickets, make payments and conduct online banking transactions too. Something that was limited to a personal computer or a laptop till a decade back.

All this has made businesses develop their websites in a manner that their potential buyers can browse through their sites from a mobile device seamlessly. In 2015, a study was conducted to understand the traffic movement towards websites from mobile phones in the US and it was found that about 56% of people were accessing sites from their smart phones. And the numbers have surely grown by now as more and more people are buying smart phones now.

Why us?

As a one of the best mobile SEO Company in India we have worked with numerous clients in the last few years of our existence.

As per recent statistics about 81% people conduct search on the internet before making the final purchase. While searching for products online on a mobile platform, it is essential that the search engine picks your website or e-store and ranks it high on the first page so that the potential buyer is able to view your web store. Companies have now started hiring mobile services SEO in India because they have realized the significance of mobile related searches and faster loading of website and pages on the handheld device.

We offer mobile SEO services at cheap and competitive prices. We first analyze your existing website and the other external factors. Based on the project size and parameters that need tuning and redefining, we quote our prices. We can assure all prospective clients that our functioning style is very flexible and we are open to talk and negotiate further on our quotations.

We also offer promotion and marketing on social media platforms via our social media marketing packages. While we are drawing up the blueprint of the mobile SEO strategy for our clients we take into account the client's need and urgency of pushing the mobile website on social media and accordingly work around customizing the strategy.

By fine-tuning the contents, graphics and videos and improvising on the coding and technicalities as per Google algorithms we help push the mobile website towards higher search engines ranks.