OsCommerce SEO Services

For companies using the OsCommerce platform for their e-commerce site can contact TRIGONOSOFT for our OsCommerce SEO Services.

How do we help our customers?

OsCommerce is an open source ecommerce site; an online store management software program that is available free of cost and works on any server that has PHP and MySQL software loaded onto it. It is just the ideal platform for small businesses houses or startup companies. For our clients

  • We design and customize our client's website using the available templates
  • We create SEO friendly site that appeals to both the search engines and customers
  • We make the site easy to navigate on mobile devices
  • We work on developing the content, meta tags, page and product descriptions with effective and optimized keywords
  • We use technical tools and techniques to do the above


  • We offer cheap and reasonably priced OsCommerce optimization services
  • We are transparent and flexible in our approach to help our clients reach their business targets
  • The objective is clear and we put our best foot forward for achieving the same. The ultimate goal is to get the highest rank in Google search and driving maximum traffic to the ecommerce site.
  • Our team comprises of some of the most experienced people from the industry - trained in the best SEO practices and marketing concepts.
  • We assign individual project managers to each client thereby making the entire process centralized and customer centric. Our customer support team is accessible by our clients at any point in the day – we are open 24 hours a days, 365 days a year.

Features of our OsCommerce SEO services:

  • Extensive study of our client's current OsCommerce website, industry features, competition analysis and the marketing goals of the client.
  • Onsite optimization techniques that includes researching for the correct keywords and phrases by understanding the words that consumers use while searching for products and services. Once the list of keywords is approved by our client we incorporate them in the content and product description pages.
  • Offsite strategies where we develop links from trusted websites, industry web pages and web directories.
  • We promote the ecommerce site on different social media platforms for better exposure and visibility of the site.
  • We believe in working closely with our clients. Hence we prepare detailed reports and keep our clients informed on all developments.