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Instagram Marketing Plans

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Instagram Marketing Plans

Price Per Month $150 $250 $350
Set up a Company  Profile
Content writing for Instagram Profile
Adding thematic friends
Custom Vanity URL creation
Add Instagram URL to your website
Add Instagram Follow Box to you website
Creation of Hash# Tags
Image Optimization
Keyword Based Content for Postings 4/Week 6/Week 10/Week
Video Optimization
Spam monitoring and deleting of unwanted spam
Responding to comments made by customers (where appropriate)
Sentiment Analysis & Monitoring
Geo-Target Audience Behaviors Analysis
Weekly Updates
Monthly Reports & Audits 50 USD 50 USD 50 USD
Campaign strategy and Set Up
Campaign monitoring
Instagram  Ads design and creation
Instagram  Ads setup
Instagram Ads Monitoring and Management
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Make Instagram your Colorful Marketing Platform

While social networking has been the buzzword for quite some time now, the latest craze that is catching with societies across the globe is communicating through photographs and videos. This has given rise to an all new concept of taking a selfie and posting it on the social media platform to let the world know what one is doing and where one is enjoying at this point of time. Cashing in on this craze, facebook has launched an exclusive photo and video sharing social networking platform known as Instagram. While the Instagram craze is catching up, even the business organizations would like to communicate with its customer's through such interesting photos and videos.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram give the business organizations an opportunity to create a captivating visual and grow following on such captivating visual. This way the business organizations can drive engagement of their customers. However, this is a specialized form of marketing needs specialized and a professional approach. Therefore, it is advisable to hire the best professional marketing firm with experience in Instagram Marketing to utilize this platform effectively. These professional marketing firms adept in Instagram marketing offer various types of Instagram Marketing Plans in India depending upon the type of engagement the business organization wants and needs for its organizations. The Instagram Marketing Plans offered as part of Instagram Marketing Packages in India by these professional marketing firms provide complete services in terms of Instagram marketing. These firms provide Instagram Marketing Plan which would include planning the marketing strategy, getting stated with creating an Instagram page, adding followers, creating a group, interacting with the group of customers, and regular updations of such interactions and pages on Instagram.

Requirements for a Successful Instagram marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing is fairly a new concept. Therefore, this new concept requires understand the marketing model on Instagram. The tools and techniques of this marketing platform need to be understood so that optimum gains can be reaped from this marketing platform. Some of requirements for launching a successful Instagram Marketing Strategy include:

  • Having a clear vision about what the business organization seeks to achieve
  • Planning an effective and viable marketing strategy in order to give a direction to the marketing activities of the organization
  • Maintaining consistency in terms of frequency of interactions, engagements, and activities since marketing is a consistent effort in order to generate desired results
  • The business organization further needs to get familiar with its audiences and custom design the contents and the messages depending on their requirements.
  • The organization also needs to create a clearly visible style of their communication which would become a signature for the organization.

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