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Linkedin Marketing plans

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Linkedin Marketing plans

Price Per Month $150 $250 $350
Set Up Personal Profile
Profile Image Creation
Content Writing for Personal Profile
Adding Thematic Connections
Company Business Page Creation
Custom Vanity URL Creation
Add LinkedIn URL To Your Website
Add LinkedIn Follow Box To You Website
Integrating embedded posts
Business Page Content Writing (About Us Section)
Cover Photo Creation Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Profile (page) Image Creation
Showcase Pages Creation (one) (Three)
Content Writing & Post Optimization
Keyword Based Content For Postings 4/Week 6/Week 10/Week
Video Optimization
LinkedIn Quiz / Polls
Infographics Creation Monthly Fortnightly
Spam Monitoring And Deleting Of Unwanted Spam
Responding To Comments Made By Customers (Where Appropriate)
Group Activities:
Creation Of New Groups
Adding Thematic People To Groups
Promoting Services/Products In Thematic Groups
Promoting Brand In Targeted Audience Specific Groups
Sentiment Analysis & Monitoring
Geo-Target Audience Behaviors Analysis
Weekly Updates
Monthly Reports & Audit
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LinkedIn: Your Professional Marketing Platform

LinkedIn essentially established as a professional networking platform has come a long way from just being a networking site for professionals and those who want to seek jobs. LinkedIn is more about making new connections, generating leads for business organizations, creating brand awareness, and also establishing strategic partnerships sometimes. In short, LinkedIn is the professional social networking platform which can be essentially used by person and businesses. Interestingly, this particular professional social media platform is taken much seriously than other networking platforms.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn Marketing Services require professional guidance and help because unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn platform cannot simply be used to push the product or blatantly promoting about the products and services of the organization. This causes spamming of the LinkedIn profiles and certainly the busy professionals would frown on such occurrences. This different type of audience needs to be managed professionally and intelligently in order to reap the maximum benefits. Various professional marketing agencies offer such LinkedIn Marketing services. These professional marketing firms create and develop customized LinkedIn Marketing Plan for India at affordable rates. These LinkedIn Marketing Plans are custom designed to suit the specific needs and requirements of the business organization.

LinkedIn Advertising Support

While proving the customized LinkedIn Marketing Plan, these professional marketing agencies also provide LinkedIn Advertising support to the business organizations. This advertising support function involves a range of activities including Advertising sponsored content; Promoting Sponsored in Mail; Promoting Text Ads; Promoting Dynamic Ads; and Programmatic Display Ads, among others to create the brand presence for the business organization. Some of the important features of the LinkedIn Advertising Support include Contact Targeting, Lead Generation, and Conversion Tracking, Managing website demographics, promoting account based making strategies, retargeting the website of the business organization, building and promoting an Audience Network, and promoting Carousel Advertisements.

Some of the important benefits of LinkedIn Marketing includes:

  • Finding highly targeted customers
  • Getting a chance to stay on the radars of the customers always
  • Help in growing the email marketing list
  • Posting high quality contents
  • Easier way to go viral
  • Provides a face to your employees too
  • Incremental increase in customers and their contacts and their second level contacts
  • High penetration of information

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