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PPC Plans

Initial Review And Analysis
No. of Keywords 100 200 300
Text Adds
Banner Ads 1 Set 3 Set
Geo targeting Setup
Conversion Tracking
Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Campaign Management
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Optimization
Ad Copy Optimization
Keyword Bid Optimization
Value Adds
ROI Analysis
Landing Page Optimization Consultation Consultation Design & Consultation
A/B Testing
Analytics Setup
Google Analytics Setup Basic Basic Advanced & Ecommerce
Reporting & Support
Reports Monthly Monthly Monthly
Advanced Reports
Dedicated Account Manager
Support Email & Chat Email & Chat Email, chat & Phone
Minimum Period
Cost Per Month Minimum of $150 or 14% of the Adbudget whichever is higher. Minimum of $300  or 14% of the Adbudget whichever is higher. Minimum of $500 or 14% of the Adbudget whichever is higher.

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Paid Marketing and PPC Packages India

Technology has certainly changed us a lot. In fact, even the paradigm of life has changed with the increasing utilization of technology. When technology has impacted us personally, how can the business organizations stay untouched from technology? Technology, especially internet technology has also drastically changed the way the business organizations operate. Starting from the production and general operations of the business organizations, even the way the business organizations promote their brands have transformed with the use of internet technology. At such a juncture, the organizations need to be extra careful to choose the right marketing partner to reap the most optimal benefit of this platform.

PPC Packages

Organizations have surely come a long way from promoting through advertisements in the print or television medium. These days it is more important to attract the customers to the websites of the organizations. In fact, more the traffic on the organization's website more is the chance to convert such traffic into potential customers for the organization. The organizations thus try out various techniques such as SEO and SMO to improve page rankings. These internet pages are also used to place advertisements and each click on such advertisement or link can divert traffic to the website of the organization. This is the basic task of PPC or Pay per click. While PPC packages in India have often been undermined, it is important to know that most of the top performing firms across the globe rely on the effective use of PPC technique to reap the most effective benefits.

Benefits of PPC

In order to realize the full potential of the PPC packages offered by professional marketing agencies in India, the organization needs to choose the best PPC Management package and customize it in order to optimize the paid marketing content and packages spread across channels such as Facebook and Google. The Paid Marketing Packages offered by these professional marketing agencies provide the best expert advices on using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for the best results in favor of the organization. Usually the standard PPC Management Packages offered by these marketing agencies take holistic care of all your marketing and advertising requirements over the internet. Such professional agencies also provide security against Ad frauds which have seen a recent upsurge. PPC Pricing is usually based on the type of packages chosen by the organization. PPC Pricing is usually determined based on the number of keywords which needs to be optimized for the organization.

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