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Reputation Management Plans

Online Reputation Management-ORM

Reputation Management Plans

Do you know more than 60% people trace websites location via search engines?

Are you aware around 80% people search for reviews in Google?

Let your audiences trace your name, brand and company easily in search engines. Leverage our reputation management plans and bring forth your desired image in the industry easily.

Price Per Month $599/Month $899/Month $1399/Month $1899/Month
2nd Month Onwards $499/Month $799/Month $1199/Month $1650/Month
Campaign Duration 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Phone Support
Email Support
Messenger Support
Reporting Monthly 3 Months Weekly Daily
Phrases Protected & Monitored 1-3 3-5 5-7 7-10
Search Positions Protected 1st Page 1st Page 1st-2nd Page 1st-3rd Page
Search Positions Monitored 1-10 1-10 1-20 1-30
Development of Micro-sites
Article writing
Article Submissions
Press Release Writing
Press Releases Submissions
Social Media Bookmarking
Social Media Profiles Creation
Facebook – Setup
Facebook - Enhancement
Facebook – Promotion
Facebook - Daily Management
Twitter – Setup
Twitter – Enhancement
Twitter - Promotion
Twitter - Daily Management
Linkedin - Setup
Linkedin - Enhancement
Linkedin – Promotion
Linkedin Profile Creation
Linkedin - Daily Management
Flickr – Setup
Flickr - Enhancement
Flickr - Promotion
YouTube - Setup
YouTube - Enhancement
YouTube - Promotion
Business Profile Linking
Forum Comments
Creation of Ning Social Network
Digg Promotion
Stumbleupon Promotion
Blog Comments
Blog Setup
Blog Network Distribution
Blog RSS Directory Submission
Blog RSS Distribution
Google Profiles
Yahoo Answers (Q/A)
Quora Answers (Q/A)
Slide Share Presentations
Photo Sharing
Forum Site Reviews
Customer Reviews
Video Creation
Video Testimonials
Power Point Submissions
Video Submissions
Video Promotion
Link Building
Online Tracking

Best Online Reputation Management Packages in India

Technology has bought information to the fingertips of people. Transparency in operations of organizations across the globe has increased because of this instant availability of information. However, this information can also lead the people, especially the customer in both ways. In such a situation, reputation of the organization becomes very important. Another hard truth about the situation is that it is easier to spread reputation given the exposure of this internet technology. Also, this availability of information makes it hard to suppress information for long. So the organizations have an important task of managing their online reputation regularly in order to succeed in the market and achieve the desired results.

Online Reputation Management

Corporate reputation has always been an important pillar of success for the organization. With the world shrinking on to the online platform, it becomes the most obvious responsibility of the organization to manage the organizational reputation on this online platform as well. This task of Reputation Management is a regular task which requires consistent effort and a well planned strategic reputation management plan. Most often, it is advisable to hire a professional organization offering a customized Online Reputation Management (ORM) Package to effectively manage the reputation of the organization. The ORM Packages are especially designed in a way where positive phrases and keyword are highlighted while managing any negative publicity happening online about the organization.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Effective Online Reputation Management has multidimensional benefits. Using the ORM Packages effectively the organizations not only gain the trust and the confidence of the customers which at later date can translate into revenues, this positive reputation can also help the organization attract better employees in the future. Effective reputation management plan also help in earning more profits for the organization since the customers are attracted towards the higher star ratings on the e-commerce platform. The ORM Packages offered in India are priced affordably based on the customized requirements of the organizations. The ORM Pricing in India is usually based on the number of phrases and the level of ORM package the organization wants the professional marketing agency to manage.

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