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When a prospective buyer gets online at one of the prime search engines and types out certain words searching for a particular product, service or information, the search engine lists out innumerable web links based on the relevance of the content to the user. The user obviously does not visit all the sites that are listed. As a thumb rule, the user clicks only the first few sites listed on the first page of the search result. Search Engine Optimization makes a website search engine friendly and ranks it on the first page that too at the first three or four highest ranks.

Why Trignosoft?

Understandably all players in a particular industry workout their online marketing strategy vying for those top notch positions. Trignosoft is a SEO company in Bengaluru which collaborates with all its clients to help them achieve one of these top-level positions in search results.

Our team consists of players from different walks of professional fields. We are therefore able to provide exceptional services to our clients as we approach and drill down the entire project from the macro and the micro level with expertise and hands-on experience.

How Do We Do This? We facilitate on-site web optimization by

  • Researching, auditing and analysing for relevant keywords,
  • Use web analytical tools for analysing,
  • Audit the existing website and clean up unnecessary links and spams,
  • Rework and redesign the website or overhaul the existing codes as well as
  • Create fresh links on a constant basis.

We also work around off-page optimization by

  • Planning social media marketing,
  • Blogging,
  • Creation and sharing of videos,
  • Directory submission and
  • Helping remove un-required information and unnecessary links.

SEO being one of the most cost effective methods of marketing, our SEO services in Bengaluru makes us affordable and reasonable compared to our competitors. The best part is that at such low prices we offer much more than other SEO providers in the market. We have some of the best SEO packages in Bengaluru compiled and prepared in a way that it befits all types of industries and businesses.

Choosing the best SEO Company in Bengaluru is no simple job as there are numerous SEO consultants in the market. What sets Trignosoft apart from the others is our customer-centric approach and tailor made packages that are fine-tuned as per customer requirement.

Our Clients

We are grateful to our clients for their business to us over the years. Some of these clients are: