WordPress SEO Services

WordPress is one of the most reputed and in-demand content management system today. It is free and open-source CMS and needs to be downloaded to be able to work on it. With WordPress, creation and modification of digital content is enabled in a user friendly manner. It is one of the easiest and yet one of the most powerful blogging tool as on date in terms of managing content on the online platform.

How TRIGONOSOFT help WordPress sites to optimize search engine results

Though WordPress is one of the widely used CMS today, driving traffic to the site is still not an easy task. One needs to hire the services of expert WordPress SEO services provider to get the best results.

Choose the correct focus keywords. Using different techniques and tools we analyze the competitiveness of the current keywords being used in the WordPress website and work on short listing the relevant keywords and phrases. We then re-write and re-create content based on the new selected keywords.

We work on the WordPress website for better ranks by:

  • Yoast snippet development by working thoroughly on Yoast and preview how the post would look in actual search engine results.
  • Boost the body of the content
  • create optimal images, video and links to make the site look presentable
  • work on augmenting social media through technical optimization
  • As a provider of SEO Service for WordPress website, we aim at increasing the speed at which the site loads. The faster the site loads, the better its chances of featuring on search engine results and leads getting converted.
  • As part of our WordPress SEO services, our focus is help our client's website rank higher in Google maps using Google's local ranking factors like citations and director listings and geo-targeted pages.
  • Finally our expert team will be able to help fix technical errors on the WordPress sites using Google Search Console. We eliminate crawl errors, indexing errors, and mobile and security errors and fix broken URLs.
  • Our in-depth analysis of the website helps us understand the pages that are doing well and the pages that need improvisation. We identify the content that needs improvement based on demographics like age, gender, location and behavior. We also help our clients understand the source of maximum visitors coming to the site.