Ecommerce SEO Services

Almost all businesses involved in manufacturing of end products, spare parts, by products and offering services today have realized the immense importance of going the online way to promote market and sell their products. E-commerce has taken the world by storm and is here to stay for long.

Companies with e-stores, these days draw up digital marketing programs alongside traditional marketing. In order to accelerate their e-commerce sites, they hire ecommerce SEO services from eminent and leading service providers like Trignosoft Solutions.

How can Trignosoft Solutions help e-commerce sites?

As per a study conducted by Optify in 2011, the website that is ranked number one on a Google receives on an average a CTR (click through rate) of 36.4 %; the website ranked second gets about 12.4% and the number three site gets about 9.5 %. A research on the same topic in the latter half of the ongoing decade confirmed the above findings.

Under such circumstances which businessman or owner will not wish to see his website or e-store get the number one rank on Google or equivalent search engines? The answer surely is none.

By making us your ecommerce SEO services company, you can be assured of achieving the following:

  • With carefully planned and a strong SEO strategy in place, we help our client's website rank higher than their competitors on Google and other search engines
  • By reaching higher ranks, we ensure that the client website gets more clicks which then impacts sales and revenues.
  • Another benefit of getting higher ranks in search engines is that it helps establish the credibility of our client's brand in the industry.

In brief the steps to achieve a practical ecommerce SEO strategy and goal setting include:

  • Studying in details the client's requirement, industry types and norms, his existing website and researching on the home page and product page focus keywords.
  • Finding the correct keyword for blogs (onsite and offsite) that will pull in more traffic and higher ranking.
  • Our ecommerce SEO strategy is defined in a way that keyword cannibalization is avoided. Cannibalization occurs when multiple pages of the same website tries to compete with each other for ranking against similar or same keywords
  • We also help our clients by conducting research on their closest competitor – the keywords that the competition is using to attract crowd and the sources of their back links.